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The SoftLedger Story

Every company should be able to access their financial data faster.
That belief is why co-founders Ben and Geoff set out to build SoftLedger -
the modern, real-time accounting software company for growing businesses.

Stop Wasting Time

Ben came up with the idea for SoftLedger in April 2015 - back when he was working as an accounting manager for a public company. It always took too long to close the books, and Ben knew that there had to be a better way.

Turning an Idea Into
A Real Product

Ben started developing software product requirements and sketching out screens in his free time, but he didn't know the first thing about actually building software. 

So he called up his longtime friend Geoff, an experienced software engineer, who agreed to help turn this idea into a reality.

Bringing SoftLedger
to Market

Eventually the two quit their jobs to pursue SoftLedger full-time, spending many late nights whiteboarding solutions to a long list of complex problems. 

In January 2018, Ben and Geoff brought SoftLedger to market with its first paying customers.

Now Serving 20+ Countries and Dozens of Industries

Today, SoftLedger serves customers in over 20 countries and a variety of industries, including Crypto, FinTech, Private Equity, and SaaS

While the company has come a long way since drawings on printer paper, the focus remains the same — helping companies get their financial data faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users have the option to use their own chart of accounts or SoftLedger’s standard chart of accounts when getting started with SoftLedger.  SoftLedger’s flexibility allows users to make changes to their charts by easily adding new accounts.

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