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Manufacturing and Inventory Management Software

Manage your inventory and track your costs through every stage of production.
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Why manufacturing and inventory management software with SoftLedger?

Intuitive manufacturing software

Unlike rigid and complex manufacturing software, SoftLedger is quick to implement, intuitive, and training is easy, your team could be up and running in a matter of weeks. Plus, with our REST API, you can connect easily to your other business management systems.

Tracking your inventory with too many spreadsheets?

For businesses where inventory is key to daily operations, tracking inventory in an organized, scalable way is absolutely critical. Without having visibility into your items throughout the various stages of production, you're not getting all the information you need to manage your business.
Manage multiple warehouses and trucks
Light-manufacturing with work in progress
Integrated purchasing and sales order management

Inventory management software

SoftLedger empowers your organization to always have a clear understanding of your inventory balances, updated based on the costing methodology that is most meaningful for your business. This enables management to make informed strategic decisions.
Quickly adjust and transfer stock
Supports a high-volume of SKUs and transactions
Operations users and accountants use the same system — single source of truth

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