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Restaurant Accounting Software

SoftLedger’s cloud accounting software enables restaurants of any type to manage complexity, improve efficiency, and capitalize on opportunities. But what if you have multiple restaurants, in multiple locations, with multiple currencies? Don’t worry; with SoftLedger’s easy-to-use multi-entity, financial consolidation, and FX revaluation capabilities, accounting and reporting on your multiple business units is a breeze.
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Real-time Franchise Consolidation

If you don’t have multi-entity accounting software, it could be holding you back from getting the information you need. With SoftLedger’s financial consolidation tool, your reporting is always easily accessible. As transactions are recorded for your various franchise locations, the related journal entries instantly roll into the respective financial statements and consolidate at the parent level.

- Automatic intercompany eliminations
- Intercompany journal entries
- Real-time view into financial statements
Man using inventory management software

Ingredient Inventory Tracking & Procurement

For restaurants whose inventory is critical to their daily operations, tracking those ingredients and costs in an organized, scalable way so that you always have the right amount of product is absolutely critical. Additionally, SoftLedger users can manage their vendors and purchasing processes with the visibility needed to drive down the cost of goods sold.

- Manage inventory for multiple locations
- Integrate your purchasing and sales order management
- Document expenses by different dimensions

User Role Permission Refinement

SoftLedger has the capability to have very granular user permissions and restrictions to adapt to the controls and processes of your restaurant operations. Admins can restrict users by location, module, preparer, reviewer, and much more. No matter if you’re the CFO or restaurant manager, each role will have access to the data they need to make informed restaurant management decisions.

- Quickly add new users
- Easily update permissions
- Access to actionable data from anywhere

More Industries

Accounting API
SoftLedger is a full-featured accounting software platform that is fully programmable via API. Unlike other accounting systems, any function in the user interface can be performed via API.
Family Office
Consolidated reporting for family offices is tricky without accounting software that’s built to handle multiple entities.
Real Estate Investors & Developers
Reporting on your real estate operations in multiple business units, properties, or offices in a timely and accurate manner is no small feat.

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