Accounts Receivable Software

Collect quicker

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization.  There are few things that are more important to your business’s daily operations than the timely collection of customer receivables.  However, many organizations take their foot off the gas once they close a deal.  This should be the first step in the accounts receivable setup process, immediately followed by issuing any invoices due upon execution and ensuring the invoicing and collections follow-up schedule is set up going forward.

Automate your billings and collections

Any delay between the deal closing and related invoicing reduces your Days Sales Outstanding and therefore negatively impacts your cash flow.  With SoftLedger's accounts receivable functionalilty, this process can begin right away and will be automated going forward.

Usage-based billing

Do you bill your customers based on user counts or some other variable metric?  If so, inefficiencies in your process for converting those metrics into line items on an invoice could be slowing you down.  SoftLedger's open API accounting software allows you to easily synch accounting and operations, automating your billing process.