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Stay in Compliance and Control with our Double Entry Accounting Software

SoftLedger ensures your double entry accounting processes are always in compliance - while saving your team precious time and effort.
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How Comfortable Are You With Your Accounting Controls?

It may not feel like great news - but having to deal with accounting controls means your business has reached a new level of success. 

The new stakeholders you’ve picked up along your company’s journey have certain compliance requirements. If you’re not sure whether your current accounting system can effectively handle these, the answer is most likely no.

This is where SoftLedger comes in with its unique  tools and features.

Create an Automated Control Environment

SoftLedger's double entry accounting software with precise role management, automated subledgers, an organized chart of accounts, and approval workflows will allow you to create controls that take care of themselves.

Explore More Features

Smart General Ledger
Implementing a world-class accounting system starts with your general ledger accounting software. SoftLedger is your smart solution.
Unlike other rigid and complex manufacturing accounting software, SoftLedger is feature-rich, quick to implement, intuitive & easy to learn.
Manage Your Cash Flow
At the end of the day, cash is what keeps your company operating. It is critical to have a system for effectively managing your company's cashflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users have the option to use their own chart of accounts or SoftLedger’s standard chart of accounts when getting started with SoftLedger.  SoftLedger’s flexibility allows users to make changes to their charts by easily adding new accounts.

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