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Connect Your Financials With Our Open Banking API Integration

SoftLedger is entirely programmable via the Open Banking API, enabling instant financial data consolidation to give you real-time insight into your finances.
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How the Open Banking API Works with SoftLedger

With our Open Banking API integration, there’s no need anymore to manually keep batching data between systems.

Connect your data at the transactional level, save time and instantly receive critical details needed for financial analysis and decision-making.

Real-Time Connectivity

Using modern cloud architecture means SoftLedger can connect to your business systems in real-time, supporting bi-directional syncs and more.

More Industries

SaaS Subscription Management
While many subscription accounting systems are in the cloud, SoftLedger is built with the latest cloud-technology, utilizing modern architecture to maximize speed and flexibility.
Venture Capital
Venture capital accounting software should accommodate multiple investments & companies, but be easy to use. We'll show you how SoftLedger does it.
Real Estate Investors & Developers
Reporting on your real estate operations in multiple business units, properties, or offices in a timely and accurate manner is no small feat.

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