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Healthcare Accounting Software

Changes across the healthcare business landscape are always an impending issue that healthcare organizations must be aware of. In order to stay on top of and adapt to this rapidly changing environment, organizations need to quickly acknowledge and manage the updates in government and industry regulations. 

SoftLedger’s healthcare accounting software will not only minimize the complexity of your operation but offer visibility into crucial data needed to make informed strategic decisions.
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Security and Data Privacy (SOC Report)

As a healthcare organization, the security of client data is crucial to not only the reputation of your organization but the privacy of your clients. Each year there are numerous data breaches resulting in upwards of $200 per compromised record in addition to potential fines. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, we have received our SOC 1 Type II report from Armanino affirming that our systems and organization controls that protect clients’ data remain suitable and effective. This means that SoftLedger has remained descriptive and transparent as a service provider with its cloud-native business management platform so that you can have the peace of mind that your clients’ data is safe and secure.

Seamless Integrations With our APIs

The key to effectively adapting to change is to integrate with other apps. SoftLedger’s REST API was purpose-built to grow with your business, unlike rigid legacy systems. Additionally, our open banking API eliminates the need to manually batch data between systems. Users can connect their data at a transactional level, saving time and gaining insights needed for decision-making.

- Connect with your business in real-time
- Bi-directional syncs
- Entirely programmable

Instant Financial Consolidation for Your Multi-Entity Organization

Reporting on operations for multiple healthcare offices is no easy task, especially if you are still completing this manually via spreadsheets. SoftLedger’s easy-to-use multi-entity accounting software allows users to automatically consolidate the financials for their various office locations in real-time with a complete set of audit trails. Diving into reports at any time is crucial and can save you from allowing errors to make a significant financial impact.

- Eliminate manual processes
- Shorten your time to close
- Automatic intercompany eliminations
- Adaptive general ledger

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