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Accounting Software for Real Estate Investors & Developers

Managing your real estate development operations in multiple business units, properties, or offices can be a challenge.

Equally, if your accounting software isn’t built to handle multiple entities, reporting will be slow and manual, potentially holding you back from getting the important business information you need.

SoftLedger helps you overcome this hurdle by seamlessly consolidating your financials so you have full visibility and can make decisions in real-time.
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Need to Account for Multiple Real Estate Investments?

Consolidating the accounting for multiple real estate investments is difficult, particularly if you're reliant on spreadsheet-based processes.

With SoftLedger's modern cloud accounting platform, managing your multiple real estate entities is easy, always giving you real-time clarity into your finances. We make it possible for you to have:

  • Multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • Effortless and agile dimensionalized reporting
  • No more manual processes!

Instant Intercompany Eliminations Between Your Real Estate Assets

Tracking intercompany transactions for multiple real estate properties is complicated, especially when it comes to consolidation.

SoftLedger helps simplify the process - automatically eliminating intercompany activity to provide consolidated reporting as quickly as possible. 

Raw Material Inventory Tracking & Procurement

For developers whose inventory is critical to their daily operations, tracking those raw materials and costs in an organized, scalable way is absolutely critical. Not having the correct inventory can halt your project, leading to an increased amount of days until sale, which in turn negatively impacts your bottom line.

Additionally, SoftLedger users can manage their vendors and purchasing processes with the visibility needed to drive down the cost of goods sold. With our software you get:

  • Easy 1099 vendor tracking
  • Streamlined purchase-to-payment flow
  • Smooth inventory management for multiple locations

More Industries

Private Equity
Reporting on investments in multiple business units, properties, or offices in a timely and accurate manner is no small feat.
Financial Services
SoftLedger rolls up all of your entities, instantly. No more juggling multiple instances of QuickBooks.
CPA Firms & Accountants
Keeping multiple client records without succumbing to software sprawl can be a challenge.
multi entity accounting for solar farms

Ecogy Energy Streamlines Multi-Entity Accounting

See how Softledger played a pivotal role in facilitating the optimization of Ecogy Energy's payables approval processes, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and seamlessness.

Moreover, it empowered its stakeholders with a user-friendly interface, enabling them to effortlessly track and evaluate the organization's multi-entity accounting procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users have the option to use their own chart of accounts or SoftLedger’s standard chart of accounts when getting started with SoftLedger.  SoftLedger’s flexibility allows users to make changes to their charts by easily adding new accounts.

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