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General Ledger Accounting Software

SoftLedger's powerful general ledger software is fast to implement, easy to learn, and seamlessly adapts to your business. 
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What's the ROI on Your Accounting Software Investment?

Every month, your accounting department scrambles to close the books so management can review the previous month's financial reporting. Unfortunately, by the time everyone is finished reviewing the results and recording any adjustments, it’s time to close the books again. 

What good is this information if you can’t utilize it to its full potential? What you need is actionable data in your hands faster.

In order to make real-time decisions, you need access to real-time data. With timely access to your financial reporting data, new opportunities will emerge, and you’ll be able to catch errors before they can make a significant financial impact. Being able to dive into reports at any time is crucial to operating efficiently and making smart financial decisions.

SoftLedger's general ledger software will not only shorten your time to close, but it will give you the ability to look forward, not back.

Use Your General Ledger Software to Develop Meaningful Financials

Creating a world-class accounting system starts with your general ledger accounting software. 

As your accounting system of record, SoftLedger tracks every transaction that has a financial impact on your business. Ultimately, they end up as an entry on your general ledger, allowing you unparalleled insight into your business. 

Adaptive & Smart General Ledger 

The problem with legacy systems is that they’re rigid. You have to adapt your business to your ledger software as opposed to the other way around.

SoftLedger’s general ledger was purpose-built to be flexible, easy to use, and quick to implement.

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Collect Quicker on Accounts Receivable
Any delay between the deal closing and related invoicing increases your Days Sales Outstanding and therefore negatively impacts your cash flow.
Manage Your Cash Flow
At the end of the day, cash is what keeps your company operating. It is critical to have a system for effectively managing your company's cashflow.
Crypto Accounting
In order to accurately track your crypto-related transactions in a scalable way, you need a system deliberately built for crypto.

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