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Accounting Software for Faith-based Organizations

SoftLedger is a complete solution for all faith-based organizations to streamline their financial management and accounting processes. No matter your denomination, size, or mission, all faith-based organizations need visibility into their financials. With SoftLedgers' powerful financial reporting & multi-entity capabilities, your organization can save time and money to direct at your initiatives.
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Eliminate Spreadsheets and Streamline Reporting

SoftLedger’s financial consolidation software will eliminate all manual processes, and the headaches that come with them. The days of having to use multiple systems and spreadsheets are over. What you need is one system that can do it all, and we are just that. As transactions are recorded for your various business units, the related journal entries instantly roll into your financial statements, giving you real-time visibility into every financial aspect of your faith-based organization.

- Automatic intercompany eliminations and journal entries
- Multi-currency capabilities
- Consolidated and dimensional reporting

Dive Into Your Faith-based Organization at Any Level

Our main goal is to help you look forward with your financial decisions, not back. Having to wait until the books are closed each month leaves too much time for errors to go unnoticed.

No matter if you are interested in where funds are being allocated, the performance of each individual entity, or the expenses connected to specific events or employees, we've got you covered with real-time, actionable data to make informed financial decisions.

- Multi-entity consolidated reporting at multiple levels
- Automatically pull FX rates and FX revaluation
- Eliminate error prone manual processes

User Role Permission Refinement

SoftLedger is capable of very granular user permissions and restrictions to adapt to the controls and processes of your faith-based organization. Admins can restrict users by location, module, preparer, reviewer, and much more. In any case, whether you're the CFO or a volunteer, each role will have access to the data they need to make the best decisions for their faith-based organization.

- Quickly add new users
- Easily update permissions
- Access to actionable data from anywhere

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