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More than any other type of organization, nonprofits require foolproof financials at the push of a button to confirm their financial position with stakeholders and regulators. Whether you are a single entity or a multi-entity operation in various geographical locations, Softledger’s cloud-native accounting software will empower you to operate more efficiently and make smarter decisions.
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Gain Real-time Visibility Into Your Financials

In order to make data-driven decisions, nonprofits need real-time, accurate, and actionable financial data. SoftLedger’s easy-to-use financial reporting software enables finance leaders to look forward in planning, not back. This real-time visibility not only saves your organization money but will eliminate tedious, manual processes.

- Fast to implement and easy to learn
- Granular permissions and audit logs
- Connect easily to other systems

Manage Your Organization's Complexity With Instant Financial Consolidation

As a nonprofit organization, you are likely to have numerous stakeholders that you must report to. With SoftLedger’s multidimensional chart of accounts, users can easily aggregate transactions and activities across the organization. With real-time financial consolidations, you will expedite your close process and eliminate spreadsheets and manual reconciliations to maximize the efficiency of your operations.

-Automatic intercompany eliminations & journal entries
-Custom reporting capabilities
-Multi-entity consolidated reporting at multiple levels
-Journal Entries and Forex Revaluations in any currency

Seamless Integrations With our APIs

The key to effectively adapting to change is to integrate with other apps. SoftLedger’s REST API was purpose-built to grow with your business, unlike rigid legacy systems. Additionally, our open banking API eliminates the need to manually batch data between systems. Users can connect their data at a transactional level, saving time and gaining insights needed for decision-making.

- Connect with your business in real-time
- Bi-directional syncs
- Entirely programmable

More Industries

Reporting for multiple franchises requires a system built to handle consolidation.
Private Equity
Reporting on investments in multiple business units, properties, or offices in a timely and accurate manner is no small feat.
Open Banking API Integration
SoftLedger is programmable via the Open Banking API, enabling financial data consolidation to give you real-time insight into your finances.

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