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Financial Reporting Software

Enable agile and confident business decisions with SoftLedger's real-time, accurate, and actionable financial reporting software.
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Why financial reporting with SoftLedger?

Do You Have the Information You Need to Make Financial Decisions?

Your ability to get clarity and insight into your financial performance in a useful format, on a timely basis, is essential for making informed, strategic business decisions. 

Bolt-on reporting packages can help - but they’re entirely reliant on the underlying data and dimensions. This is especially true for multi-entity accounting needs, where data consolidation is essential. 

This is where SoftLedger's real-time reporting comes in. 

Empower Your Organization with Flexible Financial Reporting Software

It’s important to develop best practices for how locations, cost centers, products, and any other relevant dimensions will be handled as your organization grows. 

With SoftLedger, your financial reporting is driven directly from your financial system of record. It empowers your organization to make the right decisions, in real-time.
Fast to implement and easy to learn
Everyone has immediate access to the same financial data, in real-time

Power Leverages Softledger to Create a Nimble Digital Banking Solution

Thanks to the prowess of SoftLedger's cloud accounting platform, Power Financial Wellness successfully eliminated the arduous task of manual data entry, considerably reducing the risk of errors, while simultaneously delivering real-time reporting on multiple financial service offerings to a vast customer base.
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Man using financial reporting automation software

Why You Need Financial Reporting Automation

Apr 14, 2022
As your company grows and the accounting processes become increasingly complex, you'll find that small business accounting software is no longer an efficient solution for financial reporting. The closing process creeps from days to months, causing executives to make significant decisions based on increasingly dated information. To help speed up this process, you need financial reporting […]
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Person using financial reporting software

How to Get the Most Out of Your Financial Reporting System

Mar 07, 2022
A financial reporting system is a vital part of any business’s success. Ensuring it’s done accurately and efficiently will save you valuable time and money. Many companies choose the traditional route: hiring a financial manager and using financial reporting software to review their reports. However, this is time-consuming and doesn’t give you real-time financial data […]
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Two accountants consolidating their financial statements

Consolidated Financial Statements: Process and Tools

Jun 16, 2022
Traditionally, creating consolidated financial statements was a time-consuming process that exposed your financial statements to error.  While many companies still consolidate their data with Excel, modern accounting software exists to help companies create consolidated financial statements automatically.    This post will walk through the financial consolidation process using Excel and modern financial consolidation software.  What Is […]
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SoftLedger consolidates financial statements in real-time, allowing reports to be run at the entity-level or consolidated level. Here's how you can get the most out of your financial reporting system.
SoftLedger’s Custom Financial Report Editor allows you to create bespoke reports. Existing records may be copied and leveraged into new reports, or completely new customer reports may be created.
Our sophisticated platform provides users with the ability to easily create intercompany journal entries, which may be set to automatically eliminate in consolidation.
You can generate reports at the entity level as well as at the dimension level. Our available dimensions include Cost Centers, Products, Jobs, and custom dimensions as well. Read our Support Article for detailed information.

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