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How AAG Streamlined Their Multi-Currency Accounting System

With offices and investment strategists across the globe, the Anglo Andino Group grappled with the lack of a unified, multi-currency accounting system.

SoftLedger's versatility and cloud-based platform empowered AAG to solve this problem and enabled them to streamline their operations. Here's how they did it.

About AAG

Anglo Andino Group (AAG), a specialized investment management firm based in New York City, is dedicated to private equity, investment administration, and delivering structured financial solutions to investors worldwide.

As an ultra-modern, fast-moving company, AAG prioritizes meeting the evolving needs of its investors, necessitating access to cutting-edge software platforms, APIs, and resource-maximizing services.

The Problem

AAG encountered several challenges that demanded a comprehensive accounting solution. With multiple offices and independent strategists operating across different countries, the firm grappled with managing multiple currencies and a lack of multi-entity consolidation, hindering their business growth.

The proliferation of disparate software systems and applications burdened their operations and bogged down their expansion efforts. Manual management of tasks by AAG affiliates proved inefficient and lacked scalability, undermining the professionalism of their work.

Additionally, the team faced difficulties in attaching and retrieving PDF documents, causing unnecessary search efforts.

The SoftLedger Solution

Within a few short months after adopting the SoftLedger platform, AAG witnessed a transformative shift, enabling them to fully streamline their operations. By consolidating all systems, software, and applications, AAG achieved a unified solution.

SoftLedger's remarkable versatility and cloud-based functionality empowered AAG to access multi-currency accounting from any location worldwide. The integration of bank accounts through SoftLedger's Plaid integration proved invaluable to the AAG team. Each transaction was recorded, including the foreign exchange rate, enabling effortless revaluation at the end of each month.

This automation saved significant time for employees and managers, allowing them to concentrate on their venture into cryptocurrency investments.

SoftLedger resolved the PDF challenge by automatically attaching relevant documents on a per-transaction basis, eliminating the need for manual retrieval.


I am very happy with the way the SoftLedger system works. I do not have any complaints, and I can tell you that is not easy. We have many issues with our other systems, but SoftLedger has been perfect.

Ronaldo Bezerra, Financial Director
AAG commended SoftLedger's exceptional customer service, providing prompt and effective support for all their inquiries.

Both AAG and SoftLedger anticipate a fruitful, long-term partnership, built on trust and mutual benefit.

To experience SoftLedger's exceptional flexibility and service for yourself, book a demo with us today.

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