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How AAG Streamlined Their Multi-Currency Accounting System

About AAG

Anglo Andino Group (AAG) is an investment management firm specialized in private equity, investment administration, and the delivery of structured financial solutions. Based in New York City, the firm operates on a global level, with strategists serving investors in countries all over the world.

As an ultra-modern, fast-moving company, AAG is primarily focused on meeting the ever-evolving needs of its investors. That's why it's so crucial that they have access to the latest software platforms, APIs, and other resource-maximizing services.

The Problem

In Anglo Andino Group's case, they needed a system with multi-currency capabilities and multi-entity consolidation functionality. Since AAG has so many offices and independent strategists under its umbrella, they were constantly dealing with multiple currencies, often slowing their business growth.

AAG was also having issues juggling its expansion, getting bogged down by the numerous software systems and applications it needed to operate. To make matters worse, the absence of an all-in-one accounting solution meant that AAG affiliates had to complete everything manually. Not only did the results not look professional, but it simply wasn't scalable enough for their growing company.

Finally, the team frequently complained of being unable to attach PDFs to records, finding themselves searching for them later.

The SoftLedger Solution

Within just a few months of switching to SoftLedger, AAG was able to eliminate all other systems, software, and applications.

Thanks to our extreme versatility and cloud-based functionality, AAG instantaneously gained the ability to access multi-currency accounting solutions from anywhere in the world.


I am very happy with the way the system works. I do not have any complaints, and I can tell you that is not easy. We have many issues with our other systems, but SoftLedger has been perfect.

Ronaldo Bezerra, Financial Director
The AAG team also loved being able to integrate their bank accounts via SoftLedger’s Plaid integration. And since every transaction is recorded along with the foreign exchange rate, they could each be revalued at the end of the month with the touch of a button. This saved employees and managers vast amounts of man hours, allowing them to focus on their upcoming foray into the cryptocurrency investing world.

The PDF problem was also solved, as SoftLedger automatically attaches all documents on a per-transaction basis. This meant no more fishing for visual records or files.

Lastly, AAG was thrilled to experience fast, effective customer service for all their queries.

AAG and SoftLedger are looking forward to a long-term and mutually-beneficial partnership.

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