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Crypto Asset Management for Crypto Companies

Whether you're a trader, miner, asset manager or coin exchange - SoftLedger's powerful crypto asset management features are the ideal tool for tracking your transactions in a scalable way.
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Coin Exchanges

SoftLedger's full-featured crypto asset management software and robust API enable your exchange to conduct business as usual, while automatically creating immutable accounting records.


Custody Providers

Part of providing crypto custody solutions is tracking these digital assets. SoftLedger enables you to monitor crypto assets at scale, with individual dashboards for each of your customers, and other customer reporting features.


Our multi-wallet and multi-entity architecture allows you to trade various strategies on multiple exchanges.


Miners and Pools

SoftLedger supports multiple wallets and has an open API to accept wallet deposit notifications, so you can focus on keeping your rigs humming as disbursements are automatically recorded.


Regardless of how you're treating your coins or tokens, SoftLedger's crypto features enable you to remain compliant.


Liquidity Providers

A lack of liquidity remains one of the most important issues in the industry. To effectively manage liquidity for your clients, you need a real-time view of your balances and other key financial data. With SoftLedger's powerful reporting features, you have the data you need to make informed strategic decisions.


See details about SoftLedger's crypto accounting features.

More Industries

SaaS Subscription Management
While many subscription accounting systems are in the cloud, SoftLedger is built with the latest cloud-technology, utilizing modern architecture to maximize speed and flexibility.
Adaptable Subledger
Use only AR, AP, or another module as a subledger — then bring journal entries into your ERP.
Accounting API
SoftLedger is a full-featured accounting software platform that is fully programmable via API. Unlike other accounting systems, any function in the user interface can be performed via API.

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