Cryptocurrency Accounting Software

Are you manually tracking your Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions?

It's an exciting time in the world of finance.  There are a number of options for investing in cryptocurrencies, whether to hold onto long-term or hedge exposure in other errors.  Whatever your investment strategy, SoftLedger will keep track of the gain or loss on your transactions, with all related exchange rates.

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Seamless integrations with cryptocurrency exchanges

Are you accurately tracking your gains and losses on cryptocurrency trades?  The tax treatment for cryptocurrency trading requires detailed tracking of gains and losses.  If you don't gather that information as you're operating your cryptocurrency trading operation, you're not going to have the data you need to calculate your taxes.  

SoftLedger supports trading on over 45 exchanges, in all major cryptocurrencies.  

Prepare for blockchain accounting

Blockchain accounting, sometimes confused with triple entry accounting, is an evolving concept that will change accounting as we know it.  At SoftLedger, we utilize the latest cloud technology to ensure speed and flexibility to adapt to new developments.