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Family Office Accounting

Consolidated reporting for family offices is tricky without accounting software that’s built to handle multiple entities. When dealing with multiple company holdings, real estate properties, or other investments, it’s critical to have a consolidated view.

SoftLedger makes it easy to bring everything into one system.
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Incredibly Fast to Implement

ERPs and other financial management systems often take at least several months and outside consultants to set up.

SoftLedger's cloud accounting platform is incredibly fast to implement and easy to learn, so your team will have minimal downtime during the transition.

Automatic Intercompany Entries

SoftLedger has the ability to add offsetting journal line items for automatic intercompany journal entries. As transactions are recorded, the associated journal entries instantly roll into your financial statements.

Additionally, with SoftLedger, your intercompany eliminations are automatically calculated and booked, increasing your efficiency and accuracy.

More Industries

Accounting API
SoftLedger is a full-featured accounting software platform that is fully programmable via API. Unlike other accounting systems, any function in the user interface can be performed via API.
Open Banking API Integration
SoftLedger is programmable via the Open Banking API, enabling financial data consolidation to give you real-time insight into your finances.
Track your inventory from purchasing through sales and seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users have the option to use their own chart of accounts or SoftLedger’s standard chart of accounts when getting started with SoftLedger.  SoftLedger’s flexibility allows users to make changes to their charts by easily adding new accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

With SoftLedger, users are able to sign in once and instantly view all of their entities. There’s no need to log in and out of the system.
SoftLedger consolidates in real-time, giving users visibility into their consolidated financial position as entries are booked. There is no separate process to run, and no need for a manual consolidation.
SoftLedger’s nimble, cloud-native architecture can be easily tailored to your business, without needing a third-party consultants or lengthy implementation process. A flexible chart of accounts, report editor, custom dimensions, and a programmable API allow full customization to meet your every need and requirement. 
Our customers are typically fully set up and onboarded in a mere 45 days or less.

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