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API for Accounting and Reporting

Building your own general ledger or other accounting functionality is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to get right. Many companies try, but it’s easy to underestimate the complexities that will come up over time. SoftLedger’s accounting platform gives you the functionality you need to get started today and includes a full suite of pre-built features to support your software as you scale.
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Does your general ledger have a REST accounting API?

The key to effectively adapting to change is to integrate with other apps. The recent availability of APIs has helped to automate accounting integrations, which has been very useful in moving accounting up the value chain for many organizations. As a result, integration with third-party applications is now the expectation.

In order to achieve a world-class accounting and finance function these days, your company needs to integrate well, seamlessly if possible. SoftLedger will enable your organization to integrate with third parties in the most effective way possible, via our general ledger accounting and reporting API.

Accounting as a Service

For software providers focused on solving a core business problem for their customers, there’s plenty to build that’s specific to that problem. Focus on that and let SoftLedger handle the general ledger part, via our accounting API. As our general ledger is fully programmable via our accounting API, we can calculate the financial impact of any transactions in your application, then send back the financial reporting and accounting data you and your customers need.

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