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Multiple-Entity Accounting Software

Consolidate multiple entities in real-time.
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How multi-entity works with SoftLedger

SoftLedger is powerful enough to consolidate all of your entities, yet incredibly fast to implement and easy to learn. This includes nested entities, the platform supports multiple-level consolidations.

Do you have multiple entities or locations?

You may have only a few business units, but your business is more complex than that. With SoftLedger, you can quickly and easily consolidate multiple companies, geographic regions, properties, investments, or any other reporting entities.

Financial reporting for your global organization

Whether or not your employees work remotely today, effectively managing distributed operations is more important than ever. With SoftLedger, your whole organization is working in the same system, wherever your employees need to do their work.

More Use Cases

Financial Services
SoftLedger rolls up all of your entities, instantly. No more juggling multiple instances of QuickBooks.
Data Source Consolidation
Connect your business operations directly into your financials.
Accounting API
Headless full-featured accounting system

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