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Introducing Our Newest Integration: Expensify – Simplifying Expense Management for Your Finance Team

Jun 17, 2024

At SoftLedger, our goal is to enhance our integrated accounting software to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are pleased to announce our newest integration available in the marketplace: Expensify. This addition is designed to streamline your expense management process, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Seamless Syncing from Expensify to SoftLedger

The Expensify integration is engineered to automatically sync expenses from Expensify to Accounts Payable (AP) bills in SoftLedger. This means that every time an expense report is approved in Expensify, it is transferred to SoftLedger as an AP bill. This reduces the need for manual data entry, minimizing errors, and ensuring that your financial data is always up-to-date.

Automating Payment Applications

Once an expense is paid in Expensify, the integration will automatically apply the payment to the corresponding bill in SoftLedger. This automation saves time and improves accuracy, ensuring that your accounts reflect the latest transactions promptly.

Customizable Account Mappings

Understanding that every business has unique accounting needs, we’ve included customization options in our Expensify integration. You can create distinct account mappings based on categories in Expensify. This ensures that your expenses are categorized correctly according to your specific accounting requirements, providing a tailored solution that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Time-Saving Benefits

Before this integration, many of our users spent hours manually typing in journal entries or managing cumbersome Excel integrations. Manual processes not only consume valuable time but also increase the risk of errors. With the new Expensify integration, these time-consuming and error-prone tasks are significantly reduced. By automating the expense syncing and payment application processes, we’ve freed up valuable time for your finance team, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Enhancing Financial Operations with Integration Designer

SoftLedger’s marketplace includes a built-in Integration Designer tool that empowers customers with no-code/low-code capabilities. This tool allows you to modify or enhance built-in integrations to further meet your specific needs without requiring extensive technical knowledge. With Integration Designer, you can tailor the Expensify integration to fit your unique workflows, making your financial operations even more efficient and customized to your business requirements.

Enhancing Financial Operations

Incorporating Expensify into your SoftLedger ecosystem streamlines your expense management and enhances the overall efficiency of your financial operations. This integration is part of our commitment to providing solutions that improve productivity and accuracy for our users.

We invite you to explore the Expensify integration and see how it can simplify your expense management process. At SoftLedger, we are dedicated to helping you optimize your financial workflows and reduce inefficiencies.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform to better serve your needs. For more details on setting up the integration, visit our marketplace or contact our support team. If you’d like to read further about this integration, please check out our Knowledge Base.

About SoftLedger

SoftLedger, founded in 2015, delivers streamlined accounting for small and medium enterprises. The platform blends powerful accounting software with an API-first approach. SoftLedger caters to CFOs and controllers who have outgrown QuickBooks or Xero, and are seeking a better alternative to Sage Intacct and Oracle NetSuite. Customizable, yet easy to use, SoftLedger empowers finance professionals to simplify complex processes and add strategic value to their business. With over 150 connectors and rapid onboarding, new customers usually get to their first close of books on SoftLedger in 30 days. With key digital asset partnerships like Lukka, NODE40, Hyperion and more SoftLedger is revolutionizing the value that finance teams deliver for digital asset businesses. Visit and follow SoftLedger on Linkedin.

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